Web Application Firewall

HEIMWALL, the best alternative web application firewall service that will meet all your needs, will give you a service experience you have never experienced before!



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How Does Heimwall Work

How It Works

Build Safe Web Applications On A Strong Foundation

Step 01.

Make your choice!

Which Service Will You Use?

We offer three different solutions to create a product that can be used by everyone. You can use HEIMWALL software on your own hardware, use it as a cloud service, or use it by purchasing hardware.

Step 02.

Change Your DNS!

Easy User Interface!

You can start using it right away thanks to our interface that does not require expertise and can be easily used by everyone.All you have to do is define your domain name and change your domain name dns record!

Step 03.

Create Your Rules!

You Can Make Great Rules!

HEIMWALL, which offers solutions for all sectors thanks to its advanced and numerous rule conditions and operators, provides you with an incredible working comfort and safety.

Why Heimwall

Our great features that we offer you to choose us

High Availability

You can use multiple servers Active-Active or Active-Passive at the same time.

Real Time Analysis

All incoming requests to your web application are shown in real time.

Origin Shield

Edge servers hidden and connection is provided from the port and sheme you want.

Load Balancing

You can evenly distribute visit requests to your servers at different strengths.

Rate Limiting

With our rule-based rate limit feature, you can define different limits for each request.

Smart Rules

You can define all the rules you need with hundreds of different combination options.

Why Heimwall

Online SSL/TLS

All SSL/TLS operations are performed online. Your website is never down.

Dynamic Cache

You can reduce your costs by caching all your content according to your preference.


Many feature come by default such as Auto-Minify, Image optimization, Brotli.


With our API support, we can easily integrate into your business processes.


Supports webhooks , we send all the events to you instantly.

Auto Challenge

HTTP protection modes are automatically activated according to the threshold rules you set.

Request Demo

We can create a free HEIMWALL Cloud account for you or arrange an online meeting to introduce you to our product.